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Ouyang article: The predicament of the industry in the revision of the direct selling law is expected to break the ice


[Beijing Direct News Network September 20th] (Times Finance)Last month, the State Administration of Market Supervision, Price Supervision and Competition Bureau, in conjunction with the relevant departments of the Ministry of Commerce, held a symposium on the situation analysis and supervision of the direct selling industry in Ningbo, discussing the rectification of the illegal direct selling and pyramid selling practices of the direct selling enterprises, the direct sellers and the distributors of the direct selling enterprises. The meeting also made the revision of the Prohibition of Pyramid Marketing Ordinance and the Regulations on Direct Sales Management, which have been paid much attention, a hot topic in the industry.

Since the outbreak of "Quan Jian" incident at the end of last year, the direct selling industry has undergone unprecedented changes. In the context of strict governance by regulatory authorities, many direct selling enterprises are cautious everywhere. Times of Finance and economics understand that although the "100-day action" to rectify the chaos of the health care market has been more than half a year, the strong regulatory pressure of direct selling enterprises has gradually slowed down during this period, but the rectification around the whole "health care" market is still ongoing. How to realize the healthy and orderly development of the direct selling industry in the future is still the focus of the whole industry.

For this reason, Times Finance and Economics recently interviewed Ouyang, an expert of the Committee of Experts on Direct Marketing of the Chinese Marketing Society and a scholar of theoretical research on direct marketing economy, who has studied the direct marketing industry for nearly 20 years. This paper makes an in-depth discussion on the significance of the revision of the direct marketing regulations and the future development direction of the direct marketing industry.

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Direct Selling Regulations Need Further Improvement

Times Finance and Economics: Affected by the "Quan Jian" incident, the direct marketing industry has attracted much attention from all walks of life. At present, the rectification of the "health care" market is continuing. As the main force of the health care market, the direct marketing industry also pays great attention to the revision of relevant laws and regulations. As an industry expert, since the promulgation of the direct marketing regulations in 2005, what significance do you think the revision of the direct marketing regulations has for the development of the direct marketing industry? What is its historic role?

Ouyang article: Although the direct marketing laws and regulations have their imperfections, their historical role can not be ignored, which is of great significance for improving the direct marketing laws and regulations, further establishing and perfecting the direct marketing laws and regulations system, and continuously promoting the healthy development of the direct marketing industry.

Firstly, the market economy status of direct selling industry is established in the form of laws and regulations. As a kind of sales mode without fixed location, direct selling can not really have market economy status without the guarantee of laws and regulations. To this end, when China joined the WTO, our government made a commitment to cancel "market access restrictions" and "national treatment restrictions" for wholesale or retail services without fixed location within three years after joining the WTO, to consult with WTO members and to formulate regulations on sales without fixed location. The promulgation and implementation of direct marketing regulations in 2005 marks that the market economic status of direct marketing industry is really established in the form of laws and regulations, and that the marketing mode of direct marketing is really recognized by the government and society. Up to now, 91 enterprises in China have obtained direct selling licenses, which have made important contributions to the economic development of our country.

Secondly, the direct selling industry has realized an important turning point from disorder to standardization. Before the promulgation of direct marketing regulations, China's direct marketing industry was confused and disorderly. The promulgation of direct marketing laws and regulations plays a mandatory role in restraining the chaotic and disorderly situation of China's direct marketing industry. Over the past 15 years, China has made remarkable achievements in combating pyramid selling and standardizing direct selling. The national unified leadership, the responsibility of local governments, the guidance and coordination of departments and the joint action of all parties have basically taken shape in the fight against pyramid selling. The principles of combating pyramid selling, such as combating prevention and combating both symptoms and symptoms, have been effectively implemented. Large-scale and open pyramid selling activities have been effectively curbed, and the awareness of the whole society to resist pyramid selling has been constantly strengthened.